Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

Any kind of furniture, if not maintained properly gets damaged eventually. Regular dusting of wooden furniture is enough to make your house look fresh and clean, but to remove the dullness and dirt, professional cleaning is required. Here in Pronto and Carpet LLC, we provide service for furniture cleaning in Charlotte. Our team of cleaners handles every single furniture of clients with utter care making them look gleam like new. It is upon your choice whether you want the cleaning to be done at your own house or bring them to us.
The materials used for cleaning your furniture are the finest and environment-friendly. We also specialise in water stain, hence we have stock of different kinds of match fillers for scuffs and scratches. If you want clean-up of any upholstered furniture, then our cleaning expert will ensure that all dirt, stain or spill is removed without causing any kind of damage to the fabric. We clean leather, vinyl and pieces of periodic fabric. For cleaning up of any kind of furniture and no matter how tough and bad the stains might be, we will be able to clean everything. We prevail our services in Matthews, Pineville, Fort Mill, Huntersville, South Charlotte, and various areas around.

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We've been carpet cleaning in Charlotte since 2004. If your carpets need a cleaning give us a try.

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