We Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners

We try to work mostly with products that has Sodium-Percarbonate is a source of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide (an oxygen bleach). There are two types of bleach, oxygen bleaches and chlorine bleaches. Oxygen bleaches are more eco-friendly, whereas chlorine bleaches are not.

When dissolved in water, Sodium percarbonate releases hydrogen peroxide and soda ash. It is often used in environment-friendly cleaning products because it breaks down into oxygen, water and natural soda and is less damaging than chlorine bleaches. It has even been argued that sodium percarbonate has environmental advantages due to its release of oxygen into soils and waterways . This amazing product contains no phosphorous or nitrogen, making it a good eco-friendly choice.It is non-toxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable, and leaves no harmful by-products or residues which can harm the environment. This product is a white particle powder, non-toxic no contamination, non-flammable, non-explosive, easy to get damp, and soluble in water.

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